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  • Brink towbars comply with European ECE R55 and SANS1505 standards.
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    Brink towing systems are designed for your vehicle and the Brink warranty matches that of your vehicle.
    Fixed towbar Fixed / Flange towbar
    Brink’s fixed towbar system will last for years under the toughest conditions. It looks aesthetically better whilst delivering the strength of the standard fitting. This option is great value for money and recommended for people who tow on a regular basis. More...

    Detachable towbar Detachable towbar

    Brink’s detachable towbars are easy to handle and clip on and off easily. The design of the car stays intact when you aren’t towing with the fitting being barely visible, and yet you still have a towbar whenever you need it. More...

    Retractable towbar Retractable towbar
Brink’s retractable towbar shifts behind the bumper bar, maintaining the aesthetics of your car, until you need it. It’s ease of use allows you to be ready to tow in only seconds. More...

    Connector kit Brink Connector Kit - more space

    The unique Brink Connector system, offers a detachable loading system allowing you to add increased luggage capacity or a bike carrier behind your car. If you drive a non-towing vehicles, then this is the option that will best meet your needs.

    Thule Wiring Kits
    Electronic systems are a part of every modern car. Check control systems, on-board computers, parking sensors and intelligent computer networks (can-bus systems) increase comfort and safety for the driver. Wiring in modern vehicles is also becoming thinner and thinner so that it is not always possible to connect extra accessories to the system. It is for this reason that Brink always advises the use of wiring sets that have been designed specifically for a particular vehicle. More...